The Lab Channel



The Lab Channel is our open source project to encourage the local residents of Cairns to experiment with easy to use broadcasting technologies. The whole process is being documentred and we are noting things for help make it easier for future programming


Currently there are three shows

TNQ Independent News
This is a show with a little bit about everything. We will be running discussions on local issues and international issues and everything in between. We will be examining new ideas and deconstructing old ones. We will have special guests, we will be providing phone/email/sms in opportunity and will be voxpoping around Cairns on the hot topics of the moment.

Dex Tech
Dex tech is about

Going Troppo
Going troppis is an attempt at local live


Felt a bit weary today after last nights You Tube recording. It was really fun, we learnt alot about what we would want people who are wanting to do a show should think about before they get here. For example

What is the show about?

How long does it go for?

Is there multiple episodes or just one?

What do you need from us once you arrive?

How can we colloaborate to make this a great segment!?

So it was great to collaborate and get things started with Paulie and see where this project might take us. Lots of ideas being thrown around and we are thinking Friday night is a good night to start a couple of live shows. Let's talk to the community about issues and/or what is happening in Cairns right now. Who is out there? Whats going on? Let's get out on the streets and find out whats happening.

So tune into The Lab Cairns You Tube channel Friday nights. - Not sure about the time yet..