Play is where we help you

Play is where we help you with the technologies you are using.
Many of the questions we get asked are similar from client to client so we worked out it we could provide a better resource for you by putting our learnings where you can access them.

Tech Tools

A list of tech Tools we are or have played with. Here we have grabbed an overview for you on what this tool can do

Tech Tools Help

Here we have listed what we would regard as the best resources to answer your many questions. Users are generally first time or returning and with each visit comes a better understanding of the tek, So Induction, the first time, needs to be handled in a way you do not scare someone off the Tek for life

Where can I stay?

Where can I stay?

When you are interning or working on a project at The Lab you can consider staying at





Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.


What else to do when here

 Salt House


When to visit

Best time to visit to avoid the sweaty weather and the mosquitos. After easter is the turning point for Cairns. The weather gets better everyday after that!

July - GovHack

Sept - Cairns Festival


Learn with us

Learn with us


We have space here from time to time for people to come in and use, at times we can even help you if you are using the suite of programs we are.


We can eaven teach you some skillsets that might make you hireable in a number of projects.


We support new skills & learnings and have many people who are now working in the I.T sector.


Join The Cairns Crew as a way of integrating new technoloigies into your work/play space.


Hi, my name is Naomi and I am part of the HR department of our company The Lab Cairns. My job is to search multiple freelancing websites and recruit qualified and efficient coders for different issues and errors we have on our sites. We communicate through Skype on a daily basis and we currently use Asana as a task management tool.I would like to invite you to Asana, here you will be in a pool of freelancers and when the coders in our team need help with errors in the sites we can select the right coder for the job. You will then receive an email from us advising that you have a task in Asana. You will get paid hourly through Upwork.

We will ask for an estimate and a query on this task. You will get the job if we think you are understanding what is required for the task. We will create a Google Doc with all the relevant access information. We will put all information, querys, comments from all parties relevant to the task in this doc so we can all view and edit it. We can then communicate through Skype if there are any questions or queries.

We are essentialy looking to expand and build our team, If you are interested in being apart of this team please add us on Skype - lab.cairns

I will be available on Skype from 2pm - 4pm Australian Eastern Standard time Mon - Fri

Happy working


This is the approach we use to find our coders.

Freelancing Platforms

- Upwork

- Freelancer

- Toptal ( it is a more expensive upmarket freelancing platform )


How we find freelancers for our jobs

1. We make a job in Upwork and post the above paragraph and make it open so people can apply

2. When freelancers contact us on skype we add them to the asana pool, they get an email from asana that lets them know they are apart of the pool

3. We add the tasks to - this is where we are putting all our tasks for errors and issues for all of our sites

4. When we have a task we then assign one of the freelancers in the pool to this task.


How to communicate with freelancers through Asana

1. Assign the task to the freelancer you have chosen from the pool

2. They can then write in the comments what their time estimate and query is on the task and assign the task back to Naomi

3. I can then review this, if it is sufficient I can then share the google doc with the freelancer and we can get started.


* We are using Google Doc as a live document we have found has been great for communication. Anyone can add to the document and it is always there to refer back to. Sometimes the skype conversation can get confusing. So we can say Look at the Doc!!

Respax Help

Need some help with Repax or you would like to know more? You can log in to their help desk and get all the information you may need. Just head to this link.


Respax Training

While there is a wealth of online documentation available, our team is here to support you to take full advantage of the ResPax suit and meet your business requirements from initial setup to long into the future.



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